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Top 5 things to Do With Kids At Home.

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Kids falling sick is the new norm and being at home for more than a day with them keeps me on my feet and I always have to brainstorm on what could do to keep them occupied. and simple things to do at home with small children. Having four kids is definitely a struggle for a working mother like myself. I turned into creative and letting children lead the way for my parenting at times.

1. Gross Motor: Obstacle course

I love how safe our neighbourhoods are. On sunny days, the playground are usually filled with kids playing playgrounds with the squeals and calls of children, and multi-purpose halls fill with kids enjoying roller blading and void-deck soccer.

These few years, outdoors has been different. Physical distancing during COVID-19, and current guidelines to slow the spread of the virus, are restricting how far outdoors we can venture. A strange quiet has settled in as parents and kids stay inside, leaving home only for short walks around the block.

Despite everyone’s busy schedules, and limited public play spaces, getting the kids outside for free play and fresh air is well worth the effort, even if it’s for ten minutes at a time between remote working.

Active play helps develops their movement skills, which is one of the key components of physical literacy. Even knowing how great it is for their mental and physical health, it’s not always easy to motivate my kids. In fact, sometimes it’s next to impossible just to get them to put on shoes and get out the door, and my optimistic suggestions for activities are often met with groans.

One idea my kids enjoyed was creating a DIY obstacle course in the living room. We basically used cushions, bean bags, sofa, coffee table, dining chair and even cot mattresses to build obstacle course. It kept them occupied for a good hour and they went to nap on time.

2. Social Skills: Pretend play / Sensory play

It is also important to include pretend play with them to keep them engaged in imaginative play and social interactions. There are some things that is a must have in the house. If you could not get a doll house, you could use recycled materials to build your own doll house too. We've used animal figurines, to finger puppets, to dolls to keep them engaged. This is the time to also incorporate social stories like having good manners, sharing and taking turns. We also learn about emotions through pretend play. It's amazing when children also learn about perspective of others and also empathy during play.

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3. Self-help Skills: Cooking

Cooking with children can be tricky, but it is something everyone should try with their kids. I've had my one-year old standing or sitting on the counter top and observe what I was doing. They pay the most attention when I am doing stir-fry or rolling dough. I also let the children press the pulses for blender and also sit a hot pot. For 1 year olds, their job is to just observe and I've placed them on a high chair and they could either snack on something light or I would let them play with some pots and ladles. For 2-3 year olds, they'll be helping to roll dough, sprinkle on some hundred thousands or pressing buttons for blender and rice cookers. As for when they are 4 year olds, they'll be helping to cut vegetables using crinkle cutter while at 5 year olds, they'll be tasked to do some washing and being nearer to a hot pot. You will be surprised at how much they are willing to help.

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4. Fine motor: Table top work

Usually, I will set some quiet time after meal times to do some writing, colouring or drawing activities. We usually keep it to 30 minutes per day for preschoolers. My one year old will be scribbling, while bigger age groups will be drawing or colouring. My 6 year old would be practicing some drawing writing and also spell simple words. Most importantly, keep this activity fun and you can actually keep them occupied by preparing art and craft materials like glitters or ice cream sticks and let them learn to create things from scratch. Also, I allow by children to use scissors at the age of 2 years old onwards with close supervision. With practice, they are able to be careful in handling scissors.

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5. Cognitive Skills: Using Media

I agree prolonged screen time is not good for our little ones. However, it is good to keep in my mind that this was something that also contributed to their learning. I also expose my children screen time with close supervision of the content that they are watching. With media, my children were able to pick up nursery rhymes from Youtube, watching movies from Netflix during movie nights. Unpopular opinion, screen time also generates sight reading for my kids. I would switch on the subtitles options to encourage reading and also relying on reading the subtitles when we had to tune down the volume for younger siblings trying to nap.

Not forgetting, anti-blue light glasses to protect their eyes from prolonged lighting.

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