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• This wooden weaving loom is made of ecologically clean wood of a beech, which is very strong and not easily deformed.

• The surface of weaving wooden frame is qualitatively ground and fine polished.

Weaving width of the wooden loom is approximately 5.9 inches (15 cm).

• Wooden frame with 14 notches / 22 notches and solid metal fixing rails.

• Packed weaving loom kit in a transparent bag including comb, 2 shuttles and instructions (without a woven article).

The Legendary brand KLASS & GESSMANN is over 140 years’ experience in the embroidery and weaving field. The line of fine equipment and tools is known for its exceptionally smooth finish with eased edges. These frames are beautiful, sleek and they are with the highest quality on the market.

This beginner’s loom kit is ideal for students or any weaver wants a simple way to be creative. Made from solid Silver Beech hardwood the frames are strong and robust for a variety of warps and tensions. Compact, the weaving frame is ideal for home use. The finished product can be left in the frame and hung - a framed masterpiece.

Hand weaving is an ancient art form that explores the use of fiber, color and texture. It is easy to learn and so very satisfying and realizing to do. You will fall in love with the slow rhythm and meditative quality of this craft.

Childrens Weaving Frame

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