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Top 5 Things To Do Before Going On A Vacation With Kids

Vacation with kids? Here's what you need to know to prepare for your vacation especially with small children.

1. Always Plan Ahead

From transportation arrangement to toilet breaks/diaper changing breaks. We'll never know when children need the toilet or whenever they pass motion in the car. When planning for your trip, take note of any pit stops or petrol stations to replenish or to release the call of nature. From the list of things to bring to things not to bring. Always prepare a list 2 weeks prior to travelling. Leading up to the day of flight/road trip, slowly pack the things you need, leaving those last minute things to be strike off on the day itself (usually toothbrushes and eczema creams)

2. Basic needs.

Kids need clothes, diapers, milk powder and snacks. Always be prepared that during trips, children will be picky. Also, consider preparing dried food that can be packed into luggages. Do your research beforehand on where you could grocery shop (in case you are planning to cook simple meals for your little ones) or restaurants that serve child-friendly meals. When travelling, always keep in mind that sometimes children will not have full meals like they do at home. Do not stress yourselves, and ensure children eat clean safe food / drinks. I always buy mineral water at the destination to make their milk and clean the hotel kettles thoroughly before use (best to bring a mini kettle). Do not forget wet wipes and facial tissues as you never know when you need to clean the children's surfaces or hands and face after eating.

As for clothes, I pack their clothes in a large rollable vacuum zip lock bag for each day for easy unpacking when needed. Not forgetting, the children's toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and moisturizers.

Also consider mode of travelling, will there be a lot of walking, stroller assessable areas. It is best to bring your own cabin-sized stroller or baby carrier as you need to keep your hands free.

3. Medication / First Aid

This is also the most important thing to prepare. In the Medication bag, I always have their Paracetamol, Brufen, Ventolin, vomiting medication, flu and cough syrup ready. I also got some off the shelf medicine like Zyrtec and anti-nausea medications.

As for first aid, I do prepare external medications like insect repellants, calamine lotion, antiseptic wash, bandages / plasters. Also, bring along a thermometer to monitor their temperature. You wouldn't want to not prepare for worse that could happen.

4. Activities / Toys

Depending on their developmental age, I would encourage my children to pack their own toys. We have rewritable drawing boards, colour pencils, drawing paper, animal figurines, and their fidget toys to keep them occupied. We did bring story books along, but we barely touched it as children were occupied during the vacation and by the time we reached the hotel room, it was shower and sleep.

It is important to consider what kind of vacation that you will be having. Is it a beach vacation or cold countries? Be prepared to pack swimming costumes, floats and goggles for beach vacations. Be prepared to also pack thermal wear, gloves and thick socks for Winter trips.

Click here for fun activities suggestions!

5. Safety

Consider the safety of our children if the country that you will be visiting requires vaccination. If your child has a pre-existing medical condition, have a copy of their prescriptions ready. Prepare a documentation of a list of allergies or diabetes requirements. Also, always have health and travel insurance information ready.

I do prepare AirTags for my kids to wear and it really helps when my husband and I have to go to different locations. You can also consider using the wrist-links for children who likes to run.

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